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Elan Wonen

“Joining the Housing Association Collective ensures great rates, which reduces heating and hot water costs for our tenants. All our energy-related queries – which go far beyond simply procurement – are promptly addressed by EnergieLive.”

Cor Hoogland
Real Estate Team

Client since 2009
161 locations

Housing Association De Key

“EnergieLive’s experience and expertise contributes to De Key’s sustainability objectives. Thanks to their industry-specific knowledge and the savings they achieve, EnergieLive is a professional and reliable partner to fulfill our task of affordable living.”

Tjerk van de Braak
Purchasing Manager

Client since 2012
583 locations


“EnergieLive’s expertise has helped delta Wonen realise substantial savings in energy costs for our tenants. This represents another significant step in achieving our sustainability objectives and reducing living expenses.”

Rona Zinger 
Finance Team Manager

Client since 2015
284 locations


“We place a high priority on reducing our tenants’ energy costs and on sustainability. That is why we love working with EnergieLive, who understand this and approach it in a no-nonsense, transparent manner. They ensure the best gas and electricity prices for our tenants while easing our administrative burden.”

Ron Sierink

Client since 2018
755 locations


“Since 2012, EnergieLive has been advising and supporting us on various energy issues. Parteon has opted for EnergieLive’s expertise, leading to procurement savings for our tenants. Additionally, EnergieLive has helped reduce our internal operating costs through efficiency improvements in our financial and administrative processes.”

Roger Kerssens
Strategic Buyer

Client since 2012
464 locations

Vincio Wonen

“We have been working with EnergieLive for several years now, and it’s been a very enjoyable collaboration. Our account manager has a ‘no-nonsense’ attitude and an extremely effective communication style. Therefore, I’d highly recommend EnergieLive!”

Guido van den Berg 
Financial Policy Officer

Client since 2014
70 locations

De Key
Elan Wonen
Vincio Wonen